Is the Filing Anonymous?

While a whistleblower must submit a Form 211 under his or her real name, the IRS protects the identity of the whistleblower to the fullest extent permitted by the law.  IRS employees are required, by law, to keep confidential the name and other identifying information of the informant.  However, under certain circumstances, such as when the whistleblower is an essential witness in a judicial proceeding, it may not be possible for the IRS to pursue the investigation or examination without revealing the whistleblower’s identity.  In the ultra rare occasion that the IRS feels it needs to call an informant as a witness in a judicial proceeding, the IRS will inform the whistleblower before deciding whether to proceed.

If a person doesn’t care about receiving an award for information about a tax underpayment they are aware of, they can anonymously file a Form 3949-A The IRS prefers that the filer sign the Form 3949-A, but there is no requirement to do so.

Form 3949-A